WS Mono is original WaveSteel product, a steel structure intended for installation of technical infrastructure.

As a telecommunication object, it is used to install antennas, cable routes and fall protection system. The tower with a total height of 40 m, designed as a steel tubular structure, consist of 6 segments 6.0 m length each and one with a distance of 3.0 m, connected using bolts (grade 8.8) through steel flanges.

The upper segment is intended for the installation of sector antennas, RRU and radio system.

Norms used

Eurocode 0 – basics of structural design
Eurocode 1 – effect on structures
Eurocode 2 – designing concrete structures
Eurocode 3 – design of steel structures

WS Mono Specification

WS Mono Key Features:

  • Total height: 40m
  • Total weight: 7720 kg
  • Maximum wind load: 12 m2
  • Hot dip galvanizing elements
  • Bolts grade 8.8

Recommended usage:

  • GSM/CDMA equipment
  • Video surveillance equipment
  • Wind turbines
  • FM radio and TV
  • Meteorological equipment