WN5 - we are ready for 5G

As an aesthetic, modern and multifunctional structure –
is easily customized and adapted to the Client’s individual needs.
WN5 is an intelligent pole that combines wireless coverage,
lighting solutions, monitoring, WiFi as well as any other smart sensors.

Key features

height 8 to 18 m

cover made of material with a low radio signal absorbtion coefficient – 1.34 dBm

possibility of azimuth orientation of antennas

modular construction ensures convenient transport of segments to the construction site

time needed to build a wn5 station – 1 day


The WN5 unique design meets the needs of telecommunication and smart city. The pole also perfectly matches the expectations of citizens and local authorities.

Intelligent solutions, such as WN5, are crucial in today’s reality, full of new technologies. Demand for the possibility of continuous data transfer, good quality wireless internet connection and the availability of charging points for new cars and electric bicycles is only a small part of the expectations of urban residents concerning the development of urban space. GE3 responds to these and many more requirements of a modern city – and in an elegant form that does not disturb the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Visualizations of the WN5 mast.

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