We specialize in the production of steel constructions, including lattice towers up to 86 meters of height.

We have our own production hall equipped with machines such as: CNC plasma burner (up to 35 mm), lathes, milling machines, band saws, Mig-Mag welding machines. We offer the highest quality of services, as evidenced by our satisfied customers (references). The quality and reliability of our services can be confirmed by ISO 9001, ISO 1090, ISO 3834 certificates

Types of construction

We manufacture steel constructions of telecommunications towers with a height of up to 84 m. Additionally, we make various types of industrial constructions, warehouse constructions, etc. We can also make all types of small-size steel constructions such as bridge balustrades or pillars for acoustic screens. At the client’s request, we protect all structures with corrosion protection by hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with PN EN 1461, and powder coating.


  • telecommunications towers
  • LIGHT steel halls
  • footbridges
  • gantries
  • supporting structures for road signs and signs
  • bus shelters
  • road barriers
  • fencing barriers for mass events
  • reinforcing steel reinforcement of foundations
Production hall equipment

3D plasma burner

  • Source 260 Amp
  • Cutting thickness up to 40mm
  • Working area 6x2m
  • Oxygen cutting up to 300mm

Plasma burner

  • Source 260 Amp
  • Cutting thickness up to 40mm
  • Working area 9x2m
  • For larger sheets

Raikus laser

  • Cutting thickness up to 16mm
  • Working area 3×1.5m
  • High cutting precision
  • Projects sent by email

Weld examination

As part of the production, we also perform a magnetic-particle inspection of welds. This method consists in detecting the magnetic field of scattering in the place of open and subsurface discontinuities up to a depth of about 3 mm, such as fatigue, welding cracks, rolling, tears, cracks, non-metallic precipitation (blisters). The test can be performed on objects having an anti-corrosion coating and other thin paint coating.

Quality control