Our range of services is constantly adapted to the changing clients’ needs


WaveNet Group offers a broad spectrum of services for the telecommunications sector. We manufacture steel structures, including lattice towers, and we also produce various types of industrial and building structures, as well as all types of small-size steel structures, such as bridge guardrails or poles for noise barriers.

The scope of our services is constantly adjusted to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. Each solution we deliver is an individual project created in close cooperation with the customer to provide new quality in the telecommunications sector. 

Our flagship products

Lattice towers – lattice towers made from 6m segments. Available with a wide range of initially designed accessories, including the following: antenna holders, climbing equipment, platforms, galleries, ladders and railings.

The WN5 smart pole – a telecommunications project with a unique design meeting the needs of both mobile phone companies as well as smart cities using IoT solutions. This modular solution allows for the use of numerous devices and systems meeting the requirements and standards of modern cities.

Leasing our telecommunications infrastructure – under this offer, WaveNet makes its telecommunications infrastructure available to its customers, enabling each customer to receive a comprehensive solution.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers and ensure due diligence in terms of the completion of contracted works, WaveNet offers the following services:


We procure locations for our customers’ future investments. The process is validated by all required permits as well as the necessary official and legal transactions.


Our in-house design office specialises in the construction sector as well as installation and engineering. We prepare the designs for electrical installations in line with the technical requirements applicable to transceiver stations for mobile phone companies. The design process is validated by all necessary expert reports and technical opinions.

Construction works

At WaveNet, all construction processes are executed with due diligence and according to the applicable safety standards. Our construction and electrical systems are installed on the following telecommunications infrastructure elements:



-support stands,

-roofs, etc.

Installation and implementation 

In order to provide the most comprehensive services, we offer, at the request of our customers, antenna systems, the installation of optic fibre cables and also line measurements (antennas and power supply units).

Service and maintenance

To ensure the smooth operation of any network, it is vital to provide the required service and network maintenance services. We offer 24/7 customer service and fix breakdowns under SLA terms and conditions. We perform regular technical inspections and technical acceptance tests for new transceiver stations.